Yahoo TechTicker To Go After CNBC Crowd

Yahoo has long had visions of owning a successful live finance video show. They launched Finance Vision in March 2000, a streaming finance news show that was closed down in June 2002 (here’s the first show, and here’s the last show).

More recently, it is rumored that ex-Yahooer Lloyd Braun personally championed a streaming news site that would be hosted by puppets (I’m not kidding). Thankfully, the show was shot down by someone, or everyone, before it could actually launch.

But the goal of having a popular online finance video show hasn’t died. And technology and user interfaces have evolved significantly since 2002, making the idea more realistic. Yahoo thinks a variation on Finance Vision can now be successful, we hear. Early rumors about the new show were mostly right, but two sources have now confirmed many of the details to us, and added a lot more information.

First, the show will be called TechTicker, and it launches in January. The goal is to attract the CNBC crowd – people who want to be immersed in finance news all day long.

The hosts include Henry Blodget (Silicon Alley Insider), Sarah Lacy (Business Week columnist) and Paul Kedrosky, plus one additional person who has yet to be named. The team will produce 10-20 original segments per week day, which will be shown live on the site. When live content isn’t streaming, old content will show on a loop.

The site will also include text blog posts on breaking finance news, to augment the video content.