WinMo 6 for Treo 750 officialized, ready to roll


Just a quick note for AT&T Treo 750 users: we’ve been led to believe an update to Windows Mobile 6 would be available today, and it didn’t happen, so we didn’t post it. But for some reason, it’s available now, in the evening, and we’re not sure why. Point is, you can point your desktop’s browser to the link below, download the official update, copy it to your Treo and reboot. Done!

So besides WinMo 6, what do you get? How does faster data sound? The update supports HSDPA, so you’ll get fully one-third faster speeds for downloading. You also get to charge your Treo with the USB cable alone, neat! And, what’s really great, is the ability to use Connection Sharing. This means you can more easily use your Treo 750 as a broadband modem when on the road.

Update now, it’s worth it.

Upgrade Link Thanks, Noah!