Small towns in the UK want to be removed from GPS databases


Several small towns in Britain have a problem with GPS. You know how when you’re using a GPS device and you program the shortest route? Many times, the shortest route between Point A and Point B runs right through these small towns, and these towns aren’t built to accommodate the larger commercial trucks: trucks get stuck in the small towns’ small roads, get caught underneath some leftover medieval structure, etc. These type of incidents are increasing in frequency, costing local authorities money in the process. The trucks simply shouldn’t be driving through the town, but because good ol’ GPS said that was the best route…

Solution: remove the small towns from GPS databases. Gone, not there anymore. That way, when commercial truckers program their GPS device to go from London to Liverpool—a shipment of hubcaps, no doubt—the trucks don’t end up being routed through Small Town UK.

Is it an extreme solution? Maybe not, especially if have to keep prying out truck after truck from the affected tiny, windy roads.

Rural Britain wants to take itself off the GPS map [International Herald Tribune via Drudge]