Welcome to CG Holidays 2007

You’ve already picked up all the handbags, pashmina, and fancy scented candles you can carry and got dad some cologne. The sig. other and your mom both have presents in the queue and your snotty nephew gets a basketball. You got a raw food book for your weird co-worker and Black Friday came and went because you knew — you could feel it in your heart — that nothing Circuit City or Best Buy put on sale would satisfy your refined cravings. It’s time to shop for yourself and/or other geeks, and we’re here to help.

Welcome to CG Holidays 2007. We’ll have gift guides, sure, but who the heck reads gift guides? Instead, we’ll write about stuff that gives us pleasure, be it a Sidekick LX or a nice coat. We’re not just limiting this to gadgets, either. We’ll be talking about cool stuff we use and love and think you might enjoy, as well. If you have any suggestions, send us an email to tips@crunchgear.com and we’ll add reader suggestions to the mix. The holidays are upon us and we’ve been good to everyone we like and love. Now it’s time for some payback.

CG Holidays 2007