Video Messaging Service Eyejot Releases Premium Features

Eyejot, a service in which you can send short webcam-recorded clips of yourself to others, has added some premium features for power users: video uploading, unlimited storage, 5-minute recording time, mobile access, and freedom from advertising.

Eyejot is essentially video email, as oppose to other webcam-based communication services like TokBox that gets people together for live webcam sessions. The free version only allows for 60-second long messages, 1 month of storage, and direct recording from a webcam. This ad-supported version should be more than adequate for most users (although having one’s messages disappear after a month could be most troubling).

Whether or not you pay $15 per year for the premium version, you can send videos to friends who don’t even have an Eyejot accounts and your messages will play back instantaneously. Nick and I sent some messages back and forth in the office and found the product fairly easy to use.

If you really dig sending video messages rather than simple email, you can also use Eyejot This to share video-annotated webpages. If video isn’t your thing but you want to spice up your messages with audio and slideshow functionality, try GoldMail.

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