SayHeyHey Melds YouTube and Online Dating, Hosts Ridiculous Videos

It’s hard for me to take SayHeyHey, a new website for posting videos of yourself soliciting dates, all that seriously. Its (preloaded?) collection of videos has some pretty off-the-wall content that’s not suitable for work. But I suppose the site deserves a mention because it’s as an example of what’s being done with video in the online dating scene.

Unlike WooMe and SpeedDate, which try to spark romance through live webcam sessions, SayHeyHey follows an asynchronous strategy with videos posted a la YouTube. You can either upload videos of yourself or record directly to the site via webcam. Visitors who browse the site and take a liking to you can send you an “introduction”.

That’s pretty much the entire premise. For a little added complexity, you can search for videos with certain criteria such as what you’re seeking (hookups, friends, marriage, etc). We’ve embedded one of the more normal videos below: