'I Am Legend' promoted with survival pack giveaways

iamlegendfrontviewopenThose of you preparing for whatever’s supposed to happen on December 21, 2012 might want to try to get your hands on one of these just for the hell of it.

I already have too many backpacks so for me to get another one for something like a pole shift or whatever else is supposed to end the world isn’t worth the extra space in my apartment that it would take up.

I could create my own survival kit by filling an existing backpack with the following items, the same items that come with the aforementioned kit:

"14 pockets and sleeves contain poncho; thermal blanket; respirator mask; personal hygiene and medical first aid kits; signal mirror and whistle; compass and magnifying glass; leather work gloves, writing table and pen; waterproof cash and document bag; and rugged multi tool."

Knowing me, I’ll probably just run out to the gas station the night before and pick up some water bottles and maybe some indestructible Twinkies. Mmmm. I like Twinkies.

IESB’s I AM LEGEND Sweepstakes! [IESB.net] via The Raw Feed