This stupid gadget doesn't work and you shouldn't buy it and it sucks

btdome_1.gifSure, we know that your cellphone won’t explode and kill you now, great. But what about that pesky, pesky radiation? While the jury’s still out on that one, you can look to snake-oil devices that at least make you think you’re doing something to mitigate their problems.

Take the PowerDome, an add-on to your cellphone that supposedly changes the radio frequency your cellphone emits to a lower, and thereby safer level.

It does not do this though. If it did, your cellphone wouldn’t work; the cell towers will be looking for it at a certain frequency, and if it’s not there, you don’t get signal. You might as well put your phone in the Black Hole.

But if you have some non-tech-savvy hypochondriac on your list, this is a perfect stocking stuffer.

Product Page [via Nerd Approved]