Rant: I want you to die, Leopard


I know I’ve bitched and moaned about Leopard in the last few weeks, but I just can’t handle it anymore. I’m going to search for my Tiger disc and reinstall it over the weekend. Leopard has too many kinks and it’s not worth the headache. It pisses me off that Apple has screwed up so badly. I’d rather go back to XP then use this shit anymore. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Considering the fact that I’ve been worshipping OS X like it was some higher entity or something. Like I said, Tiger is great and I’ll be going back to it if I can find the install disc or I’ll be scouring the torrent sites for it. Do you have beef with Leopard? I’m sure you do. Here’s why I want it to die. A slow and painful death. Umm. No. I’d rather push it in front of a train if it were a physical being. I guess I could smash the DVD.

My MacBook is slowly dying and I’ve only owned it for a little over a year. Want to know what happens when I fire it up? I get the “?” in a folder. What does that mean? My HDD is going to crap out soon. I did a clean install of Leopard, too, so it shouldn’t be doing that but it is. That burns my biscuits. Eat ween, Leopard. Eat it and like it.

My MacBook will eventually burn my apartment down if Leopard is left as is. I’m sorry but I don’t want my fans blasting 24/7 at 5,000RPMs nor do I like 150+ burning Fahrenheits on my lap. It’s not comfortable no matter how cold my place is. I really do fear for my apartment, the lives of my roommates and material possessions when I leave my place with the MB still on. Did I mention that it freaked out the other day and it was sleeping in my bag? Yeah, Biggs was there and said it was probably going to die soon. WTF?!

Why does my keyboard not respond half the time? It’s because Leopard is a piece of shit. It thrills me to know that my MB’s keyboard could go at any time. I guess I won’t make my living now.

Nicholas and I both don’t use anything Leopardy and he’s had to reinstall the bitch on more than one occasion even though he does a clean install every time. A clean install is the way to do it, right? Well, on anything else, yes. But not with Leopard. It hates you. Well, I hate you, Leopard.

Time Machine looked so cool when I first saw last year. I can’t even use it because it wants to reformat my external. Forget that. I’m not deleting my music, movies, comics, pictures and porn. No thanks. I’ll deal with losing whatever is on my MB’s hard drive then reformat.

You see, I haven’t even attempted to use the full potential of Leopard for fear of a massive hard drive failure or any other failure that lurks within the OS. I hate it. I loathe it. I want it to die and to never come back until all the bugs are fixed. I want my money back, too. You hear me, Apple. Get off your fucking pedestal and go back to making the OS I switched from Windows for. Or I’ll burn the MF down. The following scene from Harold and Kumar comes to mind. Enjoy it:

Thank you.