Downloadable Nintendo DS content in Japan, a nice sandwich and glass of milk for rest of world

I dig the DS. I have the original one and it looks like a brick but every once in a while I’ll whip out a little Castlevania, just for nostalgia’s sake. Now, however, the Japanese will be able to do even more with their DSes. We, on the other hand, can stroke them and pet them and hug them, but we won’t be able to download TV, books, and manga.

The service, called DSVision, requires a MicroSD card kit and lets you send content from the DSVision site to the SD card. You then pop the card into your DS and run around reading your manga. It should cost about $35 and shows will be able $10. There should be about 10,000 titles by 2010 and 300 titles at launch. Again, we don’t get to officially play with it, so suck on it, us, right?

Digital download service for DS to launch in Japan [PocketGamer]