ComCast to offer $2.95 for TiVo DVR, promises it will not firebomb customer's homes at random

I found this here. I do not know what it is and I am very scared.

Nobody likes cable companies, but now you have a reason to loathe Comcast a little less. New England Comcast customers can pay $2.95 a month to get the TiVo interface in their cable box in addition to the normal $16.94 a month charge for a DVR, ratcheting the cost up to about $19.89.

This is a good move for Comcast because it makes them look less like backwards Neanderthals and it’s a good move for TiVo because now their R&D team can eat again and build up some energy to produce an HD product that people actually will buy. It’s just not win-win for that $2.95 burning a hole in your pocket every month, but you don’t count.

Comcast to Charge $2.95 Extra for TiVo DVR Service [Mulitchannel]