Phone Unlikely to be Cause of Death in South Korea

south korea.jpgMobileCrunch reported earlier today that a cellphone may have caused the death of a quarry worker in South Korea. According to new reports this afternoon, the man may have died of other causes.

The worker was found with a melted cellphone in his pocket yesterday but he also had a broken spine, broken ribs, and heart and lung injuries. According to the Yonhap news agency, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation thinks the injuries were too serious to have been caused by a battery exploding.

“It is difficult to conclude that the damage of internal organs was caused by the cell phone battery explosion,” Yonhap quoted an unnamed medical examiner as saying.

There has been no official cause of death issued. An autopsy and investigation may take up to15 days to conduct. The manufacturer of the mobile phone, LG Electronics, issued a statement saying that a battery explosion is almost impossible.