I Love (TwistTogether) Lamp


Over the weekend my roommate and I dropped by Cafe Habana in NYC’s Nolita and we enjoyed some great food and coffee. On top of the great eats, Cafe Habana is an eco-eatery by way of biodegradable corn-starch cups and silverware, post-consumer recycled paper goods, and high-efficiency light sources. One such light source caught my roommate’s eye and it was the neatest fixture I’ve seen outside the MoMA.

The TwistTogether Lamp is comprised of four blocks that can be reconfigured in any manner you see fit. Other than the cool factor, the TTL is illuminated with LEDs, which we all know consume very little power. There are currently two models you can choose from and both retail for $109. The Candy set or Chocolate set would make a great gift for the holidays. Check out the video after the jump.

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