A Website Delicacy: Cellfish Media’s New Add-to-Phone

cellfish media.jpgCellfish Media, a mobile content provider, released “Add-to-Phone” yesterday. This free application is embedded in websites and allows users to download content from the web to their phones with one click of the mouse. Content can be sent to mobile phones as a download or as a stream.

Add-to-Phone works on any carrier in 100 countries and can be used on any WAP-enabled phone. Nothing has to be preinstalled on the handset. A site visitor only has to enter a mobile phone number and a SMS message is sent with a link to the content or news feed, which is formatted and rendered on-the-fly to fit the user’s specific device.

A so called locker is provided by Add-to-Phone. This allows users to organize all the sites and content clicked on and is accessible both on the web and on mobile phones.

Website publishers have two options to integrate Add-to-Phone on their website:
1- “Widget mode”: copy and paste the button code within their HTML editor
2- “API mode”: use the API to create their own tools using the “add to phone” functionality. For example, Cellfish.com is the first to offer a player with a built-in “add to phone” option.

Additionally, Cellfish recently released the “Add to Phone” application for Facebook, which includes an album navigator that allows users to download or share their profile pictures and their friends’ albums onto cell phones.

“Cellfish.com relies on a state-of-the-art technology platform that allows us to bridge the gap between web and mobile”, states Cellfish Media CEO Fabrice Sergent, “by launching “add to phone” widgets and API, we are making it available to the larger web community. Our goal is to make the transfer from web to phone as simple as downloading a file to your computer.”

Cellfish Media
Cellfish Video Highlighting Add-to-Phone