Want To Punch A Presidential Hopeful In The Face?

Mobile entertainment site Cellufun has launched “The Mobile Ring,” a free mobile phone boxing game that puts Presidential candidates in the ring.

The idea isn’t completely new; boxing games featuring presidential candidates first surfaced in 2004, but the new game claims to take the genre to the next level by weighing the chance of success of each contender based on polling numbers, and also through the results of people playing the game. For example Hillary Clinton leading in the polls over Barack Obama, and knocking out other presidential candidates in the game would give Clinton a higher success rate in the game itself. It’s also claimed to be the first game of this type for mobile phones.

Users can vote on other characters for inclusion in later releases such as “dark-horse candidates” (Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich aren’t included in the game currently), cable television pundits or currently elected White House officials.

New York based Cellufun was founded in 2005 by two former Wall Street security experts Arthur Goikhman and Steven Dacek and offers a variety of ad supported free mobile games in a fast growing market segment. See our previous coverage here.