Report: Google to launch online storage service, raising privacy concerns


Google is close to launching an online storage service, something that could be ready for public consumption in as soon as a few weeks. So says today’s WSJ, at least. The service, which doesn’t have a final name (though the very Windows-sounding “My Stuff” as well as “GDrive” were thrown around), would offer users the ability to store all their junk—documents, photos, videos, music files—on Google’s servers. Ignore that you can essentially do that with Gmail right now.

The big question, after thanking Google for its foresight in gifting us mere mortals such an awe-insipiring service, is whether or not the company will run ads alongside it. Will Google look at the files you upload to its service—”Beirut – Nantes.mp3″—and offer ads promising “affordable French holiday packages” and the like? Also, what if users start uploading copyrighted material? The RIAA/MPAA & Co. certainly wouldn’t appreciate that.

And no, Google has not officially confirmed the service’s existence. This is all wild, Tuesday morning speculation.

Google Plans Service to Store Users’ Data [Wall Street Journal]