British Board says there's no link between violence and violent video games (right now)


In defending Manunt 2 over in the UK, Rockstar presented research showing that there’s no causal link between violent video games and violent behavior. The British Board of Film Classification, the body preventing the game’s release there, agreed to a point: “The research certainly achieves the objective of establishing that research does not demonstrate that there is a causal link. But what it certainly does not establish is that there isn’t.”

Which brings us back to square one, the loneliest square of them all. There’s no evidence suggesting a link between game and violence… but more research needs to be done in order to be sure. How much research and for how long is unknown, but presumably until someone affirms the thesis “games make people violent.” Funny, because for all the violent video games I’ve played, I’m afraid of all forms of real life confrontation.

Oh, also, did anyone bring up the point that Manhunt 2 just isn’t very good? Like, I’ve watched videos of it, read reviews of it, and it just looks so bad. Why would I want to play a game where I’m trying to strangle a guy with his own belt or whatever? On what planet is that type of deliberate viciousness fun?

No evidence connecting games and violence, says BBFC [ via Kotaku]