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Right now TechCrunch UK & Ireland (unlike the US site) does not have a community forum where you can air your thoughts in a more free-form manner. Like all blogs, I get to start the conversation and you get to talk back. At some point there’ll be more to do here, but until then I want to make sure I am getting you the news, reviews and – now and again – the gossip.
In the meantime I thought I would reverse the blog process for a handful of posts this week, where I will kick off the topic but you get to take the discussion wherever you want to. In other words, “you have control”.

Some topics we could discuss include – who are the best tech PRs right now; where are the best sources of funding; where are the best locations to work? I’m not saying it’ll be a regular thing – just something to help you in your thinking.

The first of these kinds of posts – all suggestions are welcome by the way, email mike at mbites dot com – is coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned…

  • Ben S.

    I would defo like to know who good PR companies are for online companies. I work for an internet company that has had really poor experiences with PR companies when trying to get coverage for our stuff.

    Also are there companies that specialise in doing applications for facebook/open social.

  • Rebecca O.

    I know it’s not the done thing to blow your own trumpet but I’m not one for social etiquette. We’re quite good…. just ask our clients like and

  • Dan Field

    I’ll give a shout out for our PR agency..

    Tell Andy I sent you.

  • Dan Field

    (When I say our PR agency… I mean the PR agency that we use, I’m not a Yeti myself)

  • Mike Butcher
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  • Duncan

    I’d be interested in a post about the state of the current UK music/tech crossover scene. Stuff like Are there any other interesting music-focused startups out there?

  • Tamlyn

    @duncan I’m sure you’ve seen it already (and it’s not a startup) but I was checking out Singbird last night and it’s pretty slick as a platform for creating web/music mashups.

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  • Duncan

    @tamlyn Thanks for the link – I do already know about Songbird, but it’s pretty awesome. Is it UK-based? I assumed it’d be silicon valley….

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