The origin of Cyber Monday: Spend your money on industry-designated days!


How are you celebrating CYBER MONDAY, the best fake holiday ever (aside from Earth Day)? By buying lots of things online hopefullylol!!! Two years ago, invented the holiday in response to inflated sales numbers it saw on the Monday after Thanksgiving. People were at work, at their cubicles, thinking how much they love their family, but that they don’t love them enough to pay full price for clothes, gadgets or any other junk. Some 32 percent of adults plan to participate in the CYBER MONDAY festivities, but not everyone has been so readily brainwashed.

The CEO of Fair Indigo, a Web site dedicated to fair trade clothing, thinks CYBER MONDAY, and other traditional sale weeks are tantamount to slapping in the face customers who shop at other times of the year.

I swear, CYBER MONDAY sounds like a WWE pay-per-view event. How easily are people tricked into thinking they’re “getting one over” by spending fractionally less on things?

A Gimmick Becomes a Real Trend [New York Times]