LCD HDTV for the colorblind among us

flexscan_sx2461w_u_2.jpgThe holidays can be difficult times for the five to 10 percent of men with Red-Green colorblindness. Always being pricked by holly bushes because you can’t tell the berries from the leaves is both embarrassing and painful. Japanese company Eizo sympathizes with this market segment, and has created an LCD HDTV that uses special technology to make sure the image on the screen is fully discernible by colorblind folks. How sweet! And the TV itself is no cut-rate thing either: full 1920×1200 resolution, dual DVI input, and two USB ports. Go forth, my eye-crippled brethren, and rejoice in the moving image!

FlexScan SX2461W-U, the 24” LCD designed for “colorblind” people [Akihabara News]