iHound: Lojack For Your USB Devices

ihound-logo.pngOkay, we’re taking credit for this one. A year ago, Mat Mullen’s iPod was stolen from his car while he was attending a TechCrunch MeetUp in Silicon Valley. (Sorry, Mat). He was so upset that he came up with a way to get them back. Yesterday, he launched the beta of iHound Software, which makes tracking software for USB devices like iPods, digital cameras, and USB drives.

The software acts like a secret beacon, transmitting a device’s IP address, computer name, and ISP name whenever it is plugged into a computer. For now the software is free, but Mullen plans on charging something along the lines of $1 per device per month, starting next February. (The first device will likely remain free, though, as a way to get people to try the software). The pricing is similar to that of GadgetTrak, which does the same thing. Warning: iHound does not yet support Macs or cell phones (GadgetTrak does).