Firefox for Mobiles gets official; still no official timeframe, though

firefox_windows_mobile.jpgStuck with Windows Mobile? Opera Mini not cutting it for you? You’re in luck, friend, as development of Mozilla for mobile devices is now official. According to Arne Hess at the Unwired, there’s already a version ready for those nifty Nokia Internet tablets we keep writing about. I haven’t seen it in action, but I’m sure it’s sweet. They’re Linux-based, but the point is it can run well on mobile hardware.

But the Windows Mobile version is the kicker. There are more WinMo smartphones in America than any other OS, and the lack of a good, fully-functional browser is one of the key drawbacks to the platform. This fills a very empty hole for Windows Mobile, and should be on your “download ASAP” list when it’s released, though we don’t yet have a date.

DEVELOPMENT: Mozilla for Windows Mobile gets official Confirmation [The]