Domplayer can bite me

moron.JPGFans of “byte-torrent” “files-sharing” websites like and may have recently experienced a sad, sinking sensation after dedicating hours — if not minutes — to downloading the latest public domain copy of the Jazz Singer or a copy of Gulliver’s Travels (after all, piracy is a crime) — only to discover that some villainous varlets have “encoded” your content using spyware called Domplayer. A bit of digging finds that Domplayer is dry rubbed in viruses and encased in a lump of spyware so pernicious that it makes herpes look like a cold sore.

What does Domplayer do? If you want the “spyware-free” version, you have to call a telephone number and essentially pay for hidden charges and activation. Don’t want to call? It installs spyware anyway. There are apparently some hacks to get around Domplayer’s ZIX format but why don’t we all just comment on the trackers and show these Domplayer assholes what’s up. Ahem. Sorry.