T-Mobile: for you my friend, a special deal: no-contract iPhone $1,500

germaniphone1.jpgWell, boppers, you can now get your iPhone fix (in the old country, at least) without signing up for that stifling 24-month contract. Of course, it took Vodafone suing them to make it happen, and then there’s the catch: they’re selling it for 999 Euros, or about 1,500 of our Yankee “dollars.” You’ll be able to use other SIM cards, but T-Mobile warns that not all of the features will be in place without them as a carrier – features like sending money to T-Mobile for two years, for example.  The cost ends up being about the same, but not everyone likes being fettered to a single carrier. So if you feel like laying out one and a half grand plus airfare, now’s your chance to rock out with one of those special SIM cards you’ve been saving for just this purpose.

T-Mobile says to sell iPhone without contract [Reuters]