A Plea for Help and Turkey Day Wishes

So I ran a marathon last year. Hurt my foot, got a blood blister under my big toe, and generally tuned into Orson Welles thanks to carbo-loading “problems” aka IMMA GONNA EAT EVERYTHING NOM NOM NOM! So now I’m going to do it again, I’m going to try to do it a bit more sanely, and I need your help to raise $2,600 for Team In Training, the organization I’m running with.

TNT supports the fight against blood cancer. Straight up. They’re great people and it’s a great way to train. My last experience was excellent and I want to do it again. This time I’m running in the Dirty Jerz and don’t need much to get to my goal. If you have a moment this slow, slow day-before-turkey-day, please stop by my Active.com page to donate.

As an aside, we’ll be working on a reduced schedule today, tomorrow, and Friday so the CG can hit the airports to visit their respective in-laws, lawyers, and parole officers. From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving (I know, Canada, you had yours last month), don’t forget about our Thanksgiving contest. This job is great because of you, and we’re thankful you’re here.