Pack Your Tinfoil Hat Away, iPhone Now Apparently Doesn't Phone Home…Well Maybe

Damn, it was a fun conspiracy while it lasted. Despite previous reports (our coverage here) Gizmodo is now quoting a German site Heise Online that claims that the iPhone doesn’t phone home.

According to Heise Online the iPhone doesn’t send an IMEI (the phone’s unique identifier) back to base but only application specific, but personally unaware data.

I’m not an expert on hidden data sending tools so I’m not even going to pretend to know which side to take, but certainly the original claims, that started at Hackintosh and was supported at other sites which came with some cool graphic evidence (below). More interesting still was the claims that hackers are now working on ways to tackle the issue: if they don’t exist, why are they working on it…or was it all a case of creative reporting? Who knows, I’ve still not been game enough to update my iPhone from 1.0.2.