Meebo's Got Game

If you’re looking for a killer app on the Internet and are unwilling to get into pornography, gaming is your best bet. So when Meebo opened their platform last month to third party developers, it was clearly only a matter of time before they let game startups in. That time has come.

Twenty games launched on the service last night, ranging from chess and checkers to Texas Hold ’em. Launch Meebo chat, click on a friend and start a game. And of course, chat with them real-time while you do it.

Meebo’s goal is to take synchronous, real time events and port them, to the extent possible, to their site. The Tokbox video chat application is a natural fit, as is gaming. Now what I’d really like to see is to video chat with my dad while I lose badly to him in chess. You can’t do that yet, but it’s undoubtedly coming.

Game partners include 3rd Sense, Absolutist, AddictingGames, Clearspring Technologies, Come2Play, Gamebrew, MediaGreenhouse, Mochi Media, MyGraffitiWall, Jiggmin, Kongregate, PlayFirst, Presidio Studios, and ZeroCode. The games available now include AddictingGames’ Fratboy Unicycle Relay, Animal Puzzle, Artillery, Attack, Backgammon, Battle Pool, Blackjack, Checkers, Chess, Connect4, Go, Kongregate Racing, Match4, Music Man, Picture This!, Pirate War, Platform Racing, Reversi, Sheep Me, Sploder, Sudoku Wars, Tactics 100, Texas Hold ‘em, and World Travel Puzzle.

Details on Meebo below.