Live from the Amazon press conf in NYC

imgp3492.JPGHey, it’s Jeff Bezos

Kindle’s the name and e-booking is its game. Or something like that. Anyways, we’re about to start so stay tuned.


Books are the last bastion of analog.

Jeff was a big nerd growing up in Texas. It’s a Teletype!


Can you improve on the book? How? Key feature is that it has to disappear so you can disappear into the author’s world.

Blah, blah, blah.

Amazon did this and did that as far as books go online. Three years of hardwork and now we have the Kindle.

Not backlit, long battery life.

PC Required.
Install Software.
Shop from your PC.
Sync from your PC.

That’s the old way to do things.

Amazon says, NO PC!
No software to install.

Shop directly from the device. The store is on the device. Delivered via Wi-Fi over EVDO.

Amazon Whispernet built on Sprint’s EVDO network. No data plan. No multi-year contract. No monthly bill. Amazon picks up the tab ‘so you can just read’.

90,000 books on the device. 101 of 112 NYT’s best sellers. $9.99! Delivered in less than a minute!

Newspapers sync automatically with all major publications as well as your local papers. Magazines such as Time, Fortune, Slate and over 300 popular blogs.

Every Kindle has its own e-mail address so you can receive personal documents.

Oxford dictionary is crammed into the Kindle.




Access to Wikipedia.


On sale right now for $399!




Watching a video stating how easy the Kindle is to use by a handful of authors.

Erick is better at this live blogging thing than me so check out TC for more quotes.