AT&T to Sell First Napster Mobile Phone

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napster2.jpgIf you have been hoping that a mobile phone is available for sale before the holidays that supports Napster’s wireless digital music service, your wish has been granted. Service provider AT&T and handset maker Samsung have collaborated to create the first mobile phone that supports Napster’s mobile music archive, and it goes on sale this Friday, November 23, just in time for the holiday gift buying rush. This mobile phone, which is exclusive to AT&T, will allow customers to search a music catalog and preview song samples before buying the music.

Napster has a catalog of over five million songs and this partnership will help AT&T compete with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel in the music download arena. AT&T currently allows Napster subscribers to transfer music form their personal computers to their cell phone via a cable or storage card. This new phone allows music to flow in the other direction. Customers who download a song to their cell phone will get an e-mail allowing them to put a second copy of the music on their personal computer for no extra charge. Songs will cost $1.99 each, or $7.49 for five per month.


  • Pedant

    This article is interesting, but undermined by the apparently non-existent proof reading… There’s at least 3 tyographical errors, including omitted words and spelling errors… it seems to have been getting worse at TC for a while now, and all it does is reduce the professionalism and strength of the articles…

    • GrandLakeCasino

      i think the article is great, some error yeah, but the info is good.

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