Whoa: AdultFriendFinder May Have Been Acquired For $1 Billion+

Update: Penthouse Media Group may be the buyer.

The world’s basest online dating site may have had a major liquidity event. Palo Alto based Various, Inc., which owns AdultFriendFinder and scores of other sites, has been acquired, says a source with knowledge of the deal. This is a single source rumor, but the quality of the source suggests, as it has in the past, that the rumor is accurate.

The company, which was founded by Andrew Conru, is rumored to now have revenues in excess of $300 million annually. The acquisition price is said to be 3x revenue, or around $1 billion.

We’re digging now for confirmation of the deal, and to find out who the buyer is. There’s a recent article on the company with deep background information here.