What washed up rock star blames college kids for killing the music industry?

The record industry doesn’t have a f—ing clue how to make money. It’s only their fault for letting foxes get into the henhouse and then wondering why there’s no eggs or chickens. Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid’s face should have been sued off the face of the earth. They should have taken their houses and cars and nipped it right there in the beginning. Those kids are putting 100,000 to a million people out of work. How can you pick on them? They’ve got freckles. That’s a crook. He may as well be wearing a bandit’s mask.

What Mensa member came up with that one, you freckle-faced college kids?


Oh! Yes, the man with the big tongue and whose silly band I can hear while I brush my teeth. Plenty of credibility there.

Just go away, Gene, and take Kiss’s umpteen “greatest hits” albums with you. You’re irrelevant. And old.

Gene Simmons: college kids killed music biz [Billboard/Reuters via Slashdot]