EA may cut prices on certain EA Sports titles


Uh oh. A guy in a suit is saying that Electronic Arts is going to be slashing the prices on certain EA Sports titles, mostly for the PlayStation 2 although I’d expect some PC-version cuts in there as well. These are the "08" games too like NBA Live 08, Madden 08, and Tiger Woods 08. Fourteen games in all will be price-reduced.

Analyst Evan Wilson says that "pre-holiday price cuts on games have been a precursor of slower-than-expected sales."

I have a simple idea for Electronic Arts that I think might help increase its sales of new sports titles (for the PC, at least).

Howsabout actually making new games?

Madden 08 is Madden 07 which is basically Madden 06. You can’t just throw a half-assed coat of paint on an old game and toss in a few obscure back-end features and expect people to pay money for it every year.

Tiger Woods hasn’t changed much in three years either, nor has the NHL series. Go out on the web and look up reviews of the games. They all say the same thing; good game, but basically the same as last year with a few minor additions that don’t justify the cost.

I know the big focus is on console games so the PC sector suffers but, again, you can’t expect to sell what ends up essentially being the same game three years in a row.

Ahead of the Bell: Electronic Arts [AP/Yahoo! News] via Kotaku