Man uses Comcast van and uniform to steal cable box


This seems like a lot of work for a little money but a man "dressed in a Comcast uniform and driving a Comcast van" showed up at a woman’s house at 2:30 in the afternoon a few days ago, took her cable box and cable modem, gave her a receipt, and left.

Comcast, of course, "had no record of the worker coming to her home" which begs the following question; is it possible that Comcast actually did send this person out to the lady’s house and just doesn’t realize it?

When I moved from my last house, Comcast picked up my cable box and I wound up with a big fat $400 charge to my credit card because the paperwork got all jacked up and I got accused of keeping the box. The whole ordeal only took a quick six months to resolve thanks to great customer service from a company that doesn’t really have an incentive to compete with other providers.

It just seems odd that someone would go to such lengths to steal a couple hundred dollars worth of equipment and that this person could have access to a Comcast uniform and van without actually working there. A company spokesperson was “unable to confirm whether the suspect was a Comcast employee.” What a surprise.

Phony Comcast worker steals cable box [Cambridge Chronicle]