GroundSurf: Bluetooth surfboard?


I’d like to think that I’m the expert on surf-related gadgets, at least around CG, and I know when certain gadgets are good, but I find myself scratching my head over this one. Here’s the GroundSurf. You’ll notice it has three wheels with the front wheel having an electrical motor. That’s cool, let’s try and make people even more lazy than they already are. There’s a 3D cinematic truck in the back that’s supposed to help simulate the feeling of surfing. I think I can believe that. I’ve been skating on Carver C7 trucks for years now and that’s one of the closest things to surfing as you can get (there’s also the Carve boards, but they’re heavy and you really need hills), but the only problem is that you need hills because skating on flat land with Carvers is just plain boring. Here’s the crazy part about the GroundSurf, you can control the speed of the board via Bluetooth on your mobile phone. HTC touchscreen phones will be the first to control these badboys. Crazy shit, huh?

Too bad these things will cost anywhere from $1,770 – $2,040. Yikes. I’d rather spend that money on a trip to Indo, but maybe I’ll change my tune if I can get my hands on one. Gordon & Smith will launch the GroundSurf next year.

Product Page [via Blue Tomorrow]