Target removes Manhunt 2 from its shelves: code unlocks original violence


The controversy surrounding Manhunt 2 refuses to subside. There’s apparently a code floating around that reverts the game’s altered, less violent death scenes back to their original, gore-tastic incarnations. Retail chain Target found out about this and has now removed the game from its shelves.

It’s one thing to point out the inconsistency of Target’s approach to banning the game—how many movies that it carries have equal if not greater scenes of violence?—but then again we all know why this kind of thing happens. For better of worse (probably worse), video games are still seen as things kids play; adults play, sure, but they’re really for kids. That’s the mentality entities like Target are working with.

My own opinion, worth approximately two cents (which rounds down to zero given the current value of the USD), is that I think the move is dumb. Then again, I’m not a Target shareholder, so why should I care? While I don’t particularly find ultra-violent games like Manhunt appealing (GTA always seemed like a cartoon), Rockstar thinks otherwise.

Bah, enough conflicting thoughts. If you’re looking for Manhunt 2, just order it online.

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