Google In Talks With Simon Fuller

simonfuller.jpgGoogle is in talks with the creator of the Spice Girls and Pop Idol (US incarnation American Idol) about a ” joint venture that could change the way TV is watched over the internet” according to The Guardian.

The deal could involve Google either hosting or creating original content.

The report suggests that Google and Fuller have been in negotiations for about a year, with “sources close to Fuller” saying it could “revolutionize the way entertainment and music are distributed.”

I’ve probably said this too many times already, but Google’s ambitions know no bounds. Fuller is the United Kingdom’s Mark Burnett, but looking globally is more successful in TV, ignoring his success in music as well.

There was no confirmation as to what Google property any such tie-up may include, but YouTube would be a reasonable guess. Imagine a reality program that was YouTube only for example…if the reports are true it would be the most likely joint partnership.

(image credit: BBC)