Upcoming: Presidential Candidate John Edwards On TechCrunch

Next in our series of interviews with 2008 presidential candidates is a Q&A with Senator John Edwards. We were not able to schedule time on the phone with Senator Edwards, but he has agreed to do a written interview and answer all questions we put to him.

I first met Senator Edwards in April 2006 when he visited Silicon Valley and met with a group of bloggers. This was not a fund raising event – he came simply to hear what was we thought were the biggest issues from our perspective.

As we did with Mitt Romney, I’d like to ask for reader comments with suggested questions on technology-related issues (hear the podcast with Mitt Romney here). The core issues I’d like to address are below; please help me fill this out with issues and questions that are important to you.

Issues to cover:

  • China human rights issues – specifically the Yahoo issue that developed earlier this week.
  • Net Neutrality
  • Digital Divide
  • Education/ensuring our children are technically literate
  • H1B Visas
  • Identity Theft
  • Mobile Spectrum Allocation
  • Internet Taxes
  • Venture Capital Tax Rates
  • Intellectual Property Issues – both copyright and patent law evolution
  • Renewable Energy/Carbon Emissions
  • Mac v. PC, why Macs are superior :-)

We’ll take comments today and over the weekend and finalize the questions on Monday.

Also, we’ve recorded a podcast interview with Senator John McCain, which we will post on Monday. There are some real zinger sound bites in that discussion.