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Startups flex their apps as iPhone launches

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UK startups appear to be getting ready to take advantage of that big wide iPhone screen as the Jesus phone launches today. Local review social network Trusted Places is among the first to take the opportunity to roll out an optimised version of its site for the iPhone at It makes sense as a strategy since people often want information about a bar or restaurant via the mobile, and assuming they can live with a slightly slower 2.5G iPhone, sites which offer a dedicated application should benefit. Of course it’s going to be a small market to being with, but if the iPhone does well in the UK we could be looking at a brand new market for web applications.

The TP iPhone application allows you to click on any phone number on a webpage to activate a call, while clicking on a place’s address details brings up its location on Google Maps. The user can ask for directions and if they’re planning a meet-up they can email all the details for a place using the iPhone’s in-built email app. The application uses the TrustedPlaces API – currently under closed beta and developed by Brighton-based software house Builtbydave. The API allows for two way sharing of all TrustedPlaces content – and they are looking for potential partners right now.

TP co-founder Walid Al Saqqaf was cannily promoting the site to the iPhone launch queue outside the London Apple store last night – and if you’re also a startup with some T-Shirts you might want to take a leaf out of his book, given the number of TV cameras that will be there…

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  • Paul Walsh

    I can’t remember the stats off hand, but it’s a known fact that the *vast* majority of users don’t type URLs. Users would rather ‘search’ for eBay and then click on the search result, even though they know the URL. This is why Web site owners should make sure the Web site renders according to the device capability. So, when a user lands on trustedplaces, they get directed to the site that best suits their device; desktop computer, mobile phone, PDA…

    This will become increasingly important as more Web enabled devices hit the market. for more info on how to do this.

  • David Stone

    “The application uses the TrustedPlaces API – currently under closed beta and developed by Brighton-based software house Builtbydave”

    I’d just like to clarify, I’ve not been developing their API, but beta testing their API by building the iPhone application among other things. More info on my blog if your interested.

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  • Benjamin

    Hehe, cool marketing tip :) – I think some branded scarfs would have gone down a treat! Now o2 have removed the cap on data usage at least the UK population stands a chance of getting maximum use out of the iPhone.

  • Ben P (Perreau)

    iPhone? Never mind the Startups. We’ve gone app crazy these last two weeks.

    Tell us who’s won Mike!

  • Maz Hardey

    The iphone a thing of marketing beauty and genius, but its the appliications that are going to set it apart from other ‘pretty’ and higher spec’d technology. I’m really pleased to see that TP has taken this on board and is at the fore of such technological innovation, ride that iphone wave baby!

    of course this means that i may have to actually buy an iphone of my own now…. only if its not on O2 :P

  • jamescoops

    developing for the iphone is a total waste of time at the moment surely – the installed base is tiny?

    Trusted Places would have been better off building a generic site first ?

  • whatleydude

    Great to see Walid down there at the launch.

    Prash from Mippin* made it down too I believe.

    *also iphonified ;)

  • David Stone

    James Coops said:
    “developing for the iphone is a total waste of time at the moment surely – the installed base is tiny?”

    Chicken & egg. You could have said the same thing re. wifi chips, and hotspots.

    I did also build a Mobile version using the TrustedPlaces API, it’s on which powers the TrustedPlaces iPhone version as well.

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