Mobile Gaming Revenue Down

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This week’s mobile gaming news isn’t good. According to research firm iSuppli, worldwide mobile gaming revenue was down 9% during the three months ending in June. It seems some in the mobile gaming community are sitting on their thumbs instead of pounding the pads.

David Carnevale, iSuppli analyst, said the decline was due to weak subscriptions numbers for mobile games. This year’s first three months saw mobile gaming rise by 11% globally, so I guess we’re still up three points. And as you know, three points can be all the difference in a difficult head-to-head match. Carnevale doesn’t know if the decline is a onetime event, or the start of a trend. I think it’s an aberration. Only crazy people would stop playing mobile games.

“While the third quarter performance and the fourth quarter outlook appear optimistic, the pace of growth is slowing, causing great concern to content providers,” Carnevale said in a research report.

The only performance I know is my performance on the small screen. And as for quarters, the last time I used quarters to play anything I was living in another century. There is some good news. The experts predict that mobile gaming revenue will almost triple by 2011, to $6.6 billion, up from the $2.3 billion posted in 2006. I’m hoping you all will extract those thumbs from the sitting position and wrestle with the handset.

That is this week’s MobileCrunch Arcade game roundup. Remember, exercise those thumbs, recharge the battery and never take your eyes off the screen.