Pixoo Helps Michael Prepare for the Crunchies

We were invited to try out a new service called Pixoo that takes a copy of your profile portrait and photoshops it to make you look better. Naturally, I chose to submit a picture of our dear editor Michael Arrington and asked Pixoo’s stylists to tan his skin, lighten his hair, broaden his chin, and make him look “cheery”. Since we also have an awards ceremony coming up, it seemed perfectly appropriate to dress him in a tuxedo as well. And I must say, I’m extremely impressed with Pixoo’s results, aren’t you?

When Pixoo comes out of private beta at the end of this month, you’ll be able to get your profile picture touched up like Michael’s for $20 a pop. You can specify just what you want done to your photo, and we’re told that the average portrait is improved in about 15-20 ways. Their stylists can complete the photo upgrade in less than 24 hours, but they will keep working on it until you’re satisfied with the new you.