Interview with the guy who got the Zune tattoo

steven-smith-zune-tatto4.jpgTiago at Gadgetizer decided, for some reason, to interview Steven Smith, the guy who got the Zune tattoo and wants to change his name to Microsoft Zune. I’d probably get an iPod tattoo if someone paid me enough, but Mr. Zune nee Smith seems to be working at a whole other Piggly Wiggly.

Why does he love the Zune so much?

Then I read about Microsoft hatching up a new PMP and I read everything I could about it while it was coming out. When it finally got a name and a release date I sold my iPod video and bought my Zune on Day 1 (Nov 14th, 2006) and I have been in love with it ever since. Since I am a graphic designer I love the idea of switching the background graphic. I love the sound, in my book it can get way louder than my iPod could. I enjoy all the 1st party accessories, such as the home kit and car kit.

Sociopathic narcissist or lonely weirdo? You decide.

Interview with Steven Smith aka Microsoft Zune aka Zune Tattoo Guy [Gadgetizer]