HP says "Goodbye!" to camera division to focus on web-to-paper printing


I’ve owned two different HP digital cameras, and they were both crap. Don’t get me wrong, I like HP plenty, but the cameras always seemed like a half-hearted effort. They were made from cheap parts that broke easily, and with internal components that tended to come loose easily, thus the cameras were nothing I could take seriously.

HP knows it to, as its finally putting the sagging camera division out of our misery. With only 4% of the US market share, it’s not like we’re missing anything major here. What’s left of the camera division looks to be headed to the “print 2.0” group, an effort to make web-to-print easier. With the emergence of the personal smartphone market over the last two years, though, we see this as a waste as well.

After Losing Market Share, HP Decides to Stop Making Digital Cameras [TechCrunch]