Symbian: "Android's stupid and for babies and dumb heads."

How did I miss LOLBOTS?

Nokia and Symbian were behind school yesterday and Nokia was smoking cloves and Symbian was reading some book and then Nokia as all like “Did you see what Google did?” and Symbian was like “Uh huh Whatdafuk?” and Nokia was all like “Garr garrr I’m Androad” and Symbian was all like “I’m Anchoad” and then Symbian was like:

“About every three months this year there has been a mobile Linux initiative of some sort launched.

“It’s a bit like the common cold. It keeps coming round and then we go back to business. We don’t participate in these full stop. We make our own platform and we are focused on driving that into the mobile phone market at large ever more aggressively.”

And the Nokia was like “Stuppppod!” and then both of them got busted coming back to class late and Nokia got suspended for smelling like smoke and they found his cloves.

Symbian dismisses Google Android [BBC]