Google Adwords Changes Provide More Rounded Package

Google has announced a number of changes to its key Adwords product that will provide a more rounded product offering to Adwords’ advertisers.

Google has tweaked its site targeting feature to give advertisers the ability to run their campaigns not only on the front page of sites, but also on specific pages on each site. The feature now has a new (and appropriate) name: placement targeting.

Advertisers can also now choose the bidding option “that best matches their needs.” Users can now pick between CPM or CPC advertising with placement targeting dependent on the overall goals of each campaign.

Neither change is revolutionary, but it is another step in the evolution of Adwords from its strict CPC one size fits all package to a service that provides a full gauntlet of options to advertisers. Not that Google really has to do much to attract new advertisers, given their dominance of online advertising, but it’s nice to know they are still evolving and listening to customer requests.