Oakley updates MP3 sunglasses for some reason

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I’ve never actually seen anyone wear Oakley’s MP3 sunglasses in person. I’ve seen athletes wear them and I think Dog the Bounty Hunter wore them, but he’s been taken off the small screen for his racist remarks so he doesn’t count anymore. I think it’s a good idea, but why? Not everyone can pull off these sunglasses because they simply won’t fit your face properly. I guess there’s enough demand for Oakley to redesign these things.

The Split Thump are different from previous models with built-in controls that are cleverly hidden beneath the logo and the earbuds are removable so as not to look like a jackass when you’re clearly not listening to music. It’s sort of like the douchebags who wear their Bluetooth headsets 24/7 when everyone and their mother knows they’re not taking a call. The Split Thump will come in 512MB ($249), 1GB ($299), and 2GB ($399) models in black and white with varying colored lenses. No word on when they’ll be available for sale.

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