Three new Sony Ericsson phones coming soon?

sonyericsson Rajat Agrawal over on apparently has some information about three new phones that are to be announced tomorrow by Sony Ericsson.

The W890i will replace the W880i and will come with a 3.2-megapixel camera and “Play Now 4.0 as well as a new version of the Walkman player.” It’ll also allegedly work on 3G networks and feature an accelerometer.

The W380i (not 3G) will be an improvement over the W300i and is thought to contain a feature called “gesture control,” although what that means is unknown at this point. Since this is all speculative, I’ll go ahead and say that the gesture control feature means that if you wave at your phone while it’s ringing, it’ll answer the call but if you give your phone the finger, it sends the call to voicemail.

Finally, legend has it that there will be a device called the K660i. It’ll be a 3G phone with “web browsing capabilities” that “will allow users to browse the web in the landscape mode and will come with a pointer cursor.”

We’ll likely find out more tomorrow when Sony Ericsson is supposed to make an official announcement. Until then, feel free to dream, speculate, and wonder.