MySpace News Coming Out Of Beta?

When MySpace launched a news site in April based on technology from Newroo (a company they acquired in early 2006), people expected it to become fairly dominant fairly fast. But a month later MySpace News had become a ghost town – there were no internal links to the site and it was being completely ignored by the 100+ million people who visit MySpace each month.

Recently that has changed, we’ve noticed. MySpace has started to add links to the property. Display ads like the one above are appearing throughout the site, and there is now a link to “news” on the MySpace home page as well.

And like the recently acquired Newsvine, news items also now have comments, which as far as we know were added today. A look at the site shows a healthy discussion taking place on the top news items.

Comscore and other metrics services will be tracking MySpace News an an independent property. We’ll check back in a couple of months and see how things are going.