Google Opens OpenSocial Site And Provides Orkut Support

The Google OpenSocial site is now live (here). The video above comes from the Google OpenSocial Campfire held Thursday night and is featured on the front of the new page.The site includes the complete OpenSocial API Documentation, FAQ and Group area.Also now live is OpenSocial support for Google’s big in Brazil social networking site Orkut (here). According to Google, the OpenSocial implementation on Orkut has the following benefits:

* Building both showcase and canvas views, with Apps having the ability to create multi-page experiences in the full page canvas view.

* Foster communication among friends by allowing access a user’s profile information, friend list, and an update feed so that people can see what their friends are up to.

* Learn once, write everywhere as apps written for Orkut under OpenSocial can be used to build social apps for other websites.

The OpenSocial team also has a blog here.

Orkut joins Plaxo, and possibly tonight Ning as being the first sites with OpenSocial support.