Google Phone announcement expected in next two weeks says WSJ


The Google Phone has replaced the iPhone. What I mean by that is all the rumors, innuendo and general nonsense that surrounded the iPhone will now be transplanted to the Google Phone.

Today’s rumor comes to us by way of the Wall Street Journal. Sometime in the next two weeks, so the rumor goes, Google will announce a suite of software and “services,” whatever those are, corroborating earlier rumors that the Google Phone won’t be a phone at all. This means that, if everything works out, cellphone makers and carriers will be able to roll out (or at least announce) phones compatible with the new Google Phone software by mid-2008.

Of particular interest to the Slashdot crowd, Google wants to make the phone completely open, letting any John Q. Public program whatever he wants.

What, Apple worry?

Google plan sees phones by mid-2008: report [Reuters/WSJ]