Dig A Silicon Valley Girl: Exactly As The Name Suggests

digvalley.jpgNew site “Dig a Silicon Valley Girl” takes Digg cloning into the realm of hot or not with a geeky premise: it only covers Silicon Valley girls.

User can submit “Valley Girls” for public scrutiny, although the definition of Valley girl is fairly broad; Desperate Housewives Star Terri Hatcher made the cut based on her being born in the Valley.

Valley Girls currently on the front page include Google’s Marissa Meyer, Pownce Co-founder Leah Culver and former TechCrunch writer Natali Del Conte.

I suppose the notion of rating Valley girls in a Digg-style beauty contest could be deemed as being sexist, but I’m not going there: if the five women who read TechCrunch find this offensive their contact page is here :-)